Strut Installation Tips

ORI Struts are unique in that they have all of the components for high performance suspension in one package. To get the best performance of all the features they need to be installed correctly. There are several features in the struts that need to be considered during the design of your suspension.

Short Answer- Install the struts with half of the shaft exposed at ride height.

Long Answer-

  • Bumpstops: About the last two inches of stroke is the internal bumpstop feature. This means that this is the firmest valving in the strut and takes the most force to compress. Normal articulation will not use the full stoke of the bumpstop. They will fully compress when you smash into the bottom of that wash when you are bombing down a two track. Both struts should be able to compress fully without any interference.
  • Progressive dampening: There are two dampening stages in the normal range of travel. The softest rate is the first couple of inches in both directions from the center of the stroke. This will give the best ride and rebound for smaller rocks, bumps and washboard. The mid rate is firmer dampening between the soft rate and the bumpstop. The faster and harder you push the more the firmer dampening will take the abuse. A common mistake is to install the struts like they are shocks with only about a third of the shaft exposed. This will make your ride too stiff and reducing the pressure of the strut to make this area of strut ride better will effectively disable the park feature.
  • Park Feature: ORI Struts don’t unload by design. When climbing or on a sidehill they will partially expand but not unload when weight is transferred off of them. If the charge is not correct and particularly if the struts are not set up with enough exposed shaft the struts will not have as much resistance to unloading.

Common misconceptions of ORI Struts

One of the early stigmas that was associated with using ORI Struts was that they would fade during hard high speed use.This was true only for very few rigs if any. Actually the most likely cause is that the struts weren’t charged correctly. These are not coilovers! If they are installed and charged like coilovers they will not work to the best of their ability. Here at Purpletop we have developed a method of charging that is simple and accurate.  Another issue is that there are some installations that are really close to the headers or exhaust manifolds. They disperse heat very well, but as with any component there are limitations. Right?

ORI is dedicated to making the best suspension possible. There have been many improvements to the internal valving, oil routing, and internal bump stop valving. The STX model is the result which has many improvements in performance. Purpletop compliments ORI’s dedication by providing superior service and ensuring proper installation and charging.

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